Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Site for Volontie 1

The Volonte' name and site has been changed to Volontie 1 and is now not only a blog, but a foundation benefiting wounded warriors and cancer survivors.

Determined to help cancer patients and wounded veterans rehabilitate mind, body and spirit through discovery and exploration.

Founded in 2011 by disabled veteran, cancer survivor and world-class yachtsman Eric Charsky, the Volontie 1 (V1) Foundation is a non-profit charity that raises money and awareness, providing rehabilitative clinics and resources for wounded veterans and cancer patients.

Volontie 1 brings yachting and water sports adventures and physical, emotional and psychological rehabilitation to cancer survivors and wounded veterans. The weeklong discovery program allows cancer patients and veterans to learn large yacht sailing, exploration and the exhilaration of conquering new challenges in a safe and controlled environment.

As a Disabled Veteran and Cancer Survivor, Eric Charsky developed the non-profit, combining the strengths of survivors, helping cancer patients and wounded vets reach across boundaries and develop deep bonds while watching and helping each others dreams become reality.

Cancer patients and wounded veterans have a lot in common in what they go through and how they develop coping mechanisms, adjusting to new changes emotionally and physically. Sailing is a great way to experience new challenges, learn new skills and adjust in a way that inspires confidence and helps foster growth and acceptance while developing life long relationships.

V1 – Believe it!

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